Arizona Cloudbusters Flying Club

Chandler, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are monthly dues?
Monthly dues are currently set at just $125 per month.
How are members charged for flight time?
The rates for each aircraft based on the tachometer hour, not a Hobbs meter like most flight schools and FBOs. Our hourly rates are reviewed on a quarterly basis. There is NO sales tax charged as you are an owner, not a renter.
Do I get any money back if I leave the club?
If you decide to leave the club, you are entitled to receive back your initial equity deposit. This amount is currently set at $4,000 by the Board of Directors.
Do you offer a family membership?
Family memberships are available for a one-time $550 buy-in and is non-refundable. Family members do not pay any additional monthly dues. Flight time billing is charged to the primary member's account.
How many members are in the club?
The number of members varies throughout the year, but typically we have about 38-40 active members. A cap has been set at 45 members.
Do you allow students?
We welcome current and student pilots! Our flying club is one of the most cost effective ways for a new pilots to earn their private pilot certificate. Student pilots are currently able to fly our Cessna 172S during their training.
Do you have CFIs in the club?
The Arizona Cloudbusters have members who are flight instructors. Our instructors will provide you with your initial club checkout and can also offer additional flight instruction, if needed.
Can I bring my own CFI?
Club members may use a CFI who is a non-member with prior approval from the Board of Directors. The CFI must be current, meet our insurance requirements, complete a checkout with our Safety Officer, and provide copies of pertinent documents like CFI certificates, medical, etc.
Are you insured? Do I need my own renters insurance?
The Arizona Cloudbusters provide liability and hull coverage while you are flying. There is low deductible depending if the aircraft was in motion or not. When you become an owner you are a named insured on our policy.
How is scheduling handled?
Aircraft scheduling is done via internet at
Can I take the plane overnight?
Aircraft may be reserved and taken on overnight trips. A minimum number of hours may be charged for each night away.
Can I take the planes to Mexico?
The Board of Directors has authorized our club members to fly our aircraft to Mexico. Prior to your first flight south of the border, we highly suggest meeting with other club members who have made these flights in the past for more specific instructions.